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Presidential election 2012

I return from my inactiveness to complain about the hardships of choosing a presidential candidate I could vote for. You think you've found the perfect candidate and then you find out they have an opinion you happen to disagree with. Can't find one with exactly similar opinions of course but it would be nice to have samekind of views on the things that are important to me. Oh well, I'm gonna do some more research online before heading over to the voting locale.

Also, this post brought to you by ElJay for Android phones, woot! :)


We finally haz a proper internetz! :D Optical fibre, so this should be pretty good! :D Maybe I can even get more active online again, yayez! :D


I ordered shoes from Amazon!! :D Here's hoping they're the right size and shape and that they get here quickly!! :D


*pokes her head in*

Heluuu..? Okay, this is scary, my first proper LJ post in, well, forever. Daunting.

+ Had a terrible moodswing at work today. :/ Was alone in evening shift, but thankfully there weren't any patrons around so I could sneak into the bathroom to calm down for a bit. Dreadful things them moodswings, you never know when yer mood just plummets. :/

+ Mom called me and asked me to come over tonight, apparently she's picked some blueberries and said I could have some to freeze. :) Yay! :) Winter time can be so droll if there are absolutely no berries in the freezer to eat. :)

+ I hate flies. Particularly this one fly that's been buzzing around me all evening long (the damn thing has flown into my Obi-Wan Kenobi mug more than once too). GRRRRR!!! So ready for autumn&winter already, just to get rid of all the bugs. Blergh.

+ I really, really need to vacuum and wash the floors at home, anyone have any ideas how to get inspired enough to accomplish this? Maybe I should tie-in some furniture re-arranging, that's always fun to do! :)

Well, I guess that's all for now. :)


  • 16:28 "Nyt on aika juosta katoksen alle, sateelta suojaan".. :) #
  • 16:29 Rain, yay! :D A thunderstorm is also approaching, less yay for the sake of electrical devices.. #
  • 21:10 Aww, the kitties are being adorable today. :-) They're probably tempered by the heat&the ongoing thunderstorm that scares them a little. ;) #
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  • 19:40 Gosh I'm tired. Again. I should seriously try getting in better shape, but am such a slacker when it comes to sports. :( #
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  • 20:36 Argh, cats!! >:| #
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  • 22:56 I need to get my stupid ass to bed, ASAP!! Otherwise I'll be an effing zombie tomorrow morning at ass'o'clock. o_O #
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